Monet Loved Gardens. You will too on this half day tour!

Monet's gardens at Giverny are an Impressionist dream come true. Just an hour outside of Paris, Giverny offers landscapes of lush green hills dotted with brightly colored flowers, as well as Claude Monet's house and gardens.

Though the gardens are the biggest draw,the outside of the house is just as picturesque, with bright green shutters and wooden steps, ivy climbing the walls. Imagine Monet, surrounded by the cheerfulness of the sunshiny yellow dining room with red checkered floor, the light-filled blue and white kitchen, as well as Monet contemplating his next work in his studio. His wonderful collection of Japanese prints decorate the walls of the house, and one can see the influence they had on his own work. As you take a romantic stroll through the grounds with your own love, you're sure to be inspired by the natural beauty all around you. Perhaps you can even propose on the Japanese Bridge? more...

Monet originally rented then bought the house and surrounding 2 acres of land that we know today. Gardening was a great passion of Monet's, and he set about creating the lush gardens, featuring a Japanese bridge, pond with water lilies, and archways of climbing plants that he would later paint so beautifully. Other painters would come to form an expatriate colony in Giverny in the early 1900s, influenced by the beautiful landscape and the work they had seen of Monet's. They would bring their wives, lovers, models, and families, and the village's Hôtel Baudy was the center of their social life, where lifelong friendships were formed over a shared passion for Impressionist art.

Though the woman in Monet's life at the time of Giverny was his second wife, Alice, before Alice, there was Camille. Camille Doncieux was 18 when she began modeling for Monet. She was seven years younger than him, and he described her as an attractive and intelligent girl with dark hair and wonderful eyes. Camille, also a model for Renoir and Manet, became Monet's mistress and eventually his wife in 1870, though she had their first child in 1867. Among the many paintings that she modeled for, one of the best known and one that brought great recognition to Monet was his 1866 full length formal painting Camille, "The Woman in the Green Dress." She also modeled for many of his paintings featuring women in rural landscapes such as Women in the Garden, a work which did not enjoy great success when it was first unveiled. Reflecting France's love of all things Japanese at the time, Monet painted her wearing a kimono, holding a fan, and wearing a blonde wig to emphasize her Western identity, in his famous work Madame Monet en Costume Japonais, which received much attention at the Second Impressionist Exhibition of 1876

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Includes: Private driver guide for 4hrs / entries / bottle of champagne

Available: On request april 1 - october 31

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Private afternoon guided tour of Chateau de Versailles (entries except fountain show included): Additional 400€
Private 2 hr guided tour of the Impressionist Collection at the Orsay (entries included) : Additional 250€

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We were picked exactly on time - always a great sign - by our very knowledgeable drive Mikael and headed off west to Giverny. The trip took about 45 minutes and in that time I learned more about Monet, his wife, mistress, family and friends than I ever gleaned from a book. This information was peppered with delightful vignettes of French history during the 19th century. Giverny speaks for itself and is something that you HAVE to visit if you have ever looked at a growing plant and thought "that's pretty": because Monets garden is living art and totally beautiful. After the garden visit, Mikael continued his story telling over a "cuppa" at the village Hotel where Monet used to sit and talk with his friends in the late 19th and early 20th century. Thank you Larry. Everything worked out perfect.
5 Stars

Larry, thank you very much for your arrangement and both of us are very happy with your team and we are really grateful to you for your kindness in assisting us in such a short period. We look forward to meeting you again  and we will definitely recommend you to our friends should they have such similar requests in paris. We are also very pleased with the surprise champagne that Mikael handed to us at the end of our trip. Once again, thank you to you and your team for such wonderful arrangements. .. not forgetting your wife Debra too for all her wonderful suggestions!! Best regards, Joseph & Mei
5 Stars

Just wanted you to Know that we had a superb tour with your company ---everything was great -pick up on time --the reps were extremely knowledgeable- and pleasant -and helpful   Happy to recommend you and the company   Best wishes Harry
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