Fantasy Ride with Champagne & Photographer

The White Cinderella carriage will on request be driven to Paris with the horse, stabled about 50 kilometers away in greener pastures. At night the carriage lights up with twinkle lights placed all over the carriage.

En route our photographer will capture the moment when you get out of the carriage at the Pont Alexandre III to declare your love or propose.

The western most bridge, Pont Alexandre III is the highlight of the journey, the most ornate and extravagant bridge in Paris, with its Art Nouveau lamps, cherubs, nymphs, and winged horses. The bridge spans the Seine from the Champs-Elysees quarter to the Invalides and Eiffel Tower quarter, and was built between 1896 and 1900 for the 1900 Universal Exhibition, celebrating the relationship between France and Russia.


An early example of carriage use is that of Queen Elizabeth I, who, in 1564, ordered a large carriage that was pulled by six horses for a journey from London to Warwick, England. Elizabeth I loved horseback riding also, and was known to ride in her later years when others were trying to persuade her to ride inside a carriage for her own safety. Dressage, the art of horsemanship and riding, can be traced back to the 5th century B.C., but was refined to an art in France and Italy during the 16th century, and spread throughout the courts of Europe from there.

A carriage for hire in France was called a fiacre. Hansom cabs were patented in 1834 by Joseph Hansom of York, England. They were very popular as they were fast and light, able to be pulled by one horse, and because of their having only two wheels, could turn quickly, easily, and safely. The use of hansom cabs spread quickly throughout Europe, including, of course, Paris. They could be steered easily around and through the traffic jams that were a problem at that time, especially in the larger cities of Paris and London. The hansom cab was considered a racy sort of gentleman's vehicle, not suitable for ladies. The driver sat on a raised seat behind the passenger box. There was a trap door in the ceiling of the passenger area, through which they could give the driver instructions or pay him. The driver controlled the side door through which the passengers entered and exited; if they didn't pay, he wouldn't let them out!

Paris by horse drawn carriage is a feast for the senses and the utmost in romance; the City of Light will unfold around you as you snuggle up next to your lover and share this unforgettable experience.

for 2 1250€

experience details

Includes: 1hr ride, Champagne, Capture the Moment, Transfer to meeting point.
Available: On request Wednesday - Sunday. Supplement on Monday & Tuesday

optional extras

Dinner at the Eiffel Tower
3hr pre-ride city tour by sedan

tour reviews

Thank you very much for all our correspondence. We had a beautiful carriage ride through Paris, and our guide was very nice. It was the perfect way to see the city on our wedding day. Raegan
5 Stars

Booked horse drawn carriage round Paris, it was fully booked but Larry got another carriage sorted, fantastic service that really made our holiday and carriage ride was fantastic !
4 Stars

Larry... We had an amazing experience. The horse carriage driver was excellent. And the restaurant was great too,not just the view but the service and the food were great. Kind regards, Lubov
5 Stars

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