Romance in the Heart of Champagne

What could be more memorable that a drive through the French countryside on a day trip to Champagne to celebrate an anniversary, birthday or proposal.

You'll have have plenty of tasting experiences, cellar visits and a lovely lunch or weather permitting a picnic with a panoramic view and Champagne on the grass.

We can arrange a private visit with the owner of a high level family producer ending with a tasting in a private room with large glass windows overlooking the vineyards and drinking a bottle of their top cuvee.

We can consider the route leading to Reims Cathedral and houses like Veuve Clicquot or the road to Epernay to visit Moet or other smaller producers and Hautvillers to visit the Abbey of Dom Perignon. If you only have a half day to spare we can take you to Chateau Thierry.

Each trip is personalized from half day to overnight.

about champagne

True champagne is produced in the Champagne region of France only, though some countries use the word loosely to mean any type of sparkling wine. The main type of grapes used are Pinot Noir, Chardonnay, and Pinot Meunier, and they must be grown according to certain rules and on certain ground in order to be considered true champagne. Grapes were grown in the Champagne region of France by the Romans as early as the 5th century. The first sparkling wines were produced by Benedictine monks, who were not, in fact, happy with the bubbles and were still trying to get rid of them into the 17th century. The colder climate of the region as compared to other wine-producing areas of France prematurely stopped fermentation, which created carbon dioxide and therefore bubbles in the wine. However, by the 18th and 19th centuries, the bubbles had been embraced and champagne had become associated with royalty and nobility.

Champagne Bars in Paris

Whether you choose to cuddle up with your love in the intimacy of one of the city's many champagne bars or venture out to the Champagne region itself, make sure you indulge in some true French champagne while you're actually in France; it's sure to add that extra splash of romance to your Parisian holiday.

So where to go in Paris to enjoy this French classic? Perhaps start with the oldest champagne bar, Le Dokhan's Bar, in the 16th arrondissement. Don't be put off that it's actually located inside a Radisson Blu; the neo-classical décor is opulent and lush with all the 18th century trimmings. The bar pours over 70 varieties of Champagnes and hosts monthly tasting events as well as live jazz. Le Dokhan is sophisticated yet relaxed and intimate at the same time, a setting that's perfect for sipping a glass of bubbly with your lover on a sparkling Paris evening.

If a more sleek and modern atmosphere is what you're after, try Bar 8 at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in the 1st arrondissement. The bar itself is carved from a huge, curvy and seductive slab of Spanish marble, and when you perch on the leather stools to study the menu of over 70 champagnes, you'll look out over a garden terrace, where you can enjoy a glass in the warmer months. The lighting is low and the décor is chic and magical, with crystal raindrops dotting the walls.

The Ritz Bar is young and trendy, with a space that can be transformed from warm and cozy in the cooler months to an open air terrace in the spring and summer. The Ritz serves their own champagne label, though several other famous names are available as well. The bar is known for its champagne cocktails, including the Mr. Bond and Le Serendipity.

La Grande Dame bar at the Hotel Sezz, just across the river from the Eiffel Tower, is a particularly intimate and sexy little hideaway to indulge in champagne with your lover. With a glamorous décor in black and hot pink, its discreet pod-like tables are discreet and romantic. Veuve Clicquot champagne is the star of the show here.

Full Day


Includes: Full Day : Dom Perignon private visit / 2 tasting visits at family domaines.
Excludes: Lunch

optional extras

Private cellar visit at Veuve Clicquot
Travel in our Vintage Rolls
Exclusive private visit and vintage tasting with the winegrower/owner.
Private lunch in a castle on Ave. de Champagne

tour reviews

The tour was excellent. The guide was excellent and very accommodating. The accommodation met all our needs and was very comfortable. All in all very happy. A great service. I now know so much more about champagne!

5 Stars

Our guide had a great knowledge of the district and the champagne houses as well as the history of Champagne. Able to customise the day to our liking, she picked a great spot for us to have lunch, and she had access to a couple of boutique Champagne houses she was able to take us on private tours of. Sure you could drive yourself to see the region, but if you are looking for that special day and need someone who knows the region and can make the day fantastic then this is the one for you. They also offer a half day tour.
5 Stars

Larry:I would like to thank you and Mick for wonderful experience in Champagne. Barbara and I had a great time. Everything about the tour was just perfect. We really enjoyed meeting and getting to know Mick. He has a wonderful knowledge of the region and its wines. We could not be more pleased. Pete & Barbara
5 Stars

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