Breakfast / Lunch Experience in Paris

No trip to Paris would be complete without doing nothing but watching the scene in the cafés of Paris. And who else better to do this than that special someone! Cafés in Paris history have not only harbored the generations of artists and writers, but they have also served as a place for people to meet, have a casual drink and perhaps fall in love.

The Café Flore and Les Deux Magots were the headquarters for 20th century thought, as well as the power couples, like Sartre and de Beauvoir, whose liberated relationship embodied the thought of the time. In the second half of the century, actors, directors and musicians would also flock to these epicenters of romance and freedom. The cozy seating provides the ideal place for a romantic breakfast.

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Suggested places for breakfast include : one of the 2 cafes listed above, a restaurant with a view from the 56th floor over Paris or a 19th century 5 star hotel where Oscar Wilde lived.

Some might say that the lovers sitting side by side dreamily sipping their coffee provide just as much entertainment to the people passing by !

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Includes: private driver guide / Lunch recommendation and reservation service
Available: All Year
Start Time: on request / Duration: 3hrs (excludes transfer time from the airport)

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Hi Larry, Just wanted to tell you that we love Bruno and Mikael !!  They are fabulous.We have them again tomorrow and I was wondering if Mikael would have any availability Sunday or Monday just for somein Paris touring.   I realize it's a little late to be adding another day or even half day but it doesn't hurt to ask!In any event, just letting you know we had a good day today.
5 Stars

Words can not express my gratitude for making my dream come true! The trip has been everything I prayed for and more! If there is anything I can ever do for you please let me know. S.C.
5 Stars

Just to let you know, we had a great time and Steve was an excellent guide! Many Thanks, Mar 2 , 2011 Roy
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